Patrick From Davis

This is the Patrick from Davis Site. It will get a bit better when I put some time into it, but for now it is just going to be this stupid page. Some of the fun that is going to be added is:

  1. Music I have made
  2. Notes and pictures on my tube amp builds
  3. I have been looking into building my own effects pedals. It would seem that most of the ones I want you can just buy the kits and build them yourself. This means that you can mod them to suit your needs, but not void a warrenty. Also, you can get the parts to correct any mistakes you make. But, "the Entropy Boy," pedal is my own creation. Not really. It takes an A/D sample and hold chip and changes the rate of the sample and hold function. This is very similar in sound to a bit crusher with out the A/D conversion aspect. I have most of the info put together, and a source for some of the outlandish parts, but I will need to make sure that I am able to get a couple of speciality parts to make it work. More news to come. I am sure the world is losing fingernails over that one.
  4. The next section is the guitar build that will be happening sometime soon. Not much news, but I will update this when I get more info on it.
  5. Finally, there should be random stuff that I have found or want to ramble on about. We will see...

Well that is all for now. If you'd like to say hi you can email me at

last edited 1/6/2008